Google application for Android will get offline search to cope with spotty connections


Google’s application for Android has become better at coping with intermittent connectivity issues.

Google continues to be streamlining its search efforts to cope with spotty connections, and today’s update towards the Google application for Android features a new offline search feature. If you are searching something on Google and lose connectivity in the center of the query, the application will save your valuable search, and do the trick when it detects a web connection.

Google’s application is constantly on the run without anyone’s knowledge, and offers a notification once it processes looking result. In the Google blog:

With this particular change, search engine results are saved every time they are retrieved, even though you lose connection later on or get into plane mode. So next time you lose service, you can queue your searches, place your phone away and continue with your entire day. Google’s application works behind-the-scenes to identify whenever a connection can be obtained again and deliver your research results once completed.

Using the update installed, you will see a Manage searches option within the Google application, which lists your pending searches. You are able to obvious your offline searches, or produce a notification to warn you when the google listing is prepared. The update has become moving out, which means you will be able to get began using the feature from today.

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