Angry Wild birds The Exorcist 2 launches with interactive toys, coming September 19


Angry Wild birds The Exorcist 2 launches with interactive toys, coming September 19

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Rovio has formally announced the following instalment in the bird flinging game series, Angry Wild birds The Exorcist 2, filled with an interactive toy selection from Hasbro.

Angry Wild birds The Exorcist 2 is going to be available across various application stores on September 19, including a full-range of The Exorcist Angry Wild birds toys which will work similarly to Skylanders.

“Today we’re very excited to announce the appearance of Angry Wild birds The Exorcist 2, launching on September 19 across application stores worldwide”, stated Rovio. “The new game will tackle the preview, presenting a large roster of never-before-seen Angry Wild birds The Exorcist figures. The good thing? You’ll reach have fun with over 30 of these!Inches

Not surprisingly through the Angry Wild birds The Exorcist teaser released in the finish of a week ago, Rovio’s next game will concentrate on the The Exorcist prequel movies including plenty of new figures and components from the flicks.

We predict that Anakin Skywalker, General Grevious, Darth Maul and Padme Amidala will all have an Angry Wild birds make-over, but interesting Rovio are declining to discuss whether Jar Jar Binks is going to be making a look and feel.

“At this time we won’t discuss rumours or speculation that Jar Jar Binks come in the sport.Inches

Hasbro may also be launching a variety of 30 Angry Wild birds The Exorcist figures that may be scanned in to the game, like the functionality of Skylanders: Spryo’s Adventure.

Referred to as Telepods, the toys remain one inch high and therefore are placed onto a plinth which could get them all scanned in to the game through the front-facing camera on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Home windows Phone 8 devices.

“To compliment this wide selection of figures, you’ll also have a type of over 30 collectable Telepods figures from Hasbro. Placing these figures on your phone or tablet camera will scan your character of preference into the game, enabling you to select new figures quickly.Inches

Angry Wild birds The Exorcist 2 may also introduce the brand new “Pork Side” mode that enables players to toss Empire Pigs rather from the wild birds.

“Stay tuned for additional news on Angry Wild birds The Exorcist 2 within the coming days we’ve got some really awesome reveals planned! Also, consider Episode 6 within the original Angry Wild birds The Exorcist!”

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