Sprint Begins Moving Out Android 5. OTA Update For That LG G2


Sprint Begins Moving Out Android 5. OTA Update For That LG G2

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LG G2 units on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon have been upgraded to Lollipop (or at best begun the procedure) in the last month. Last, and based upon coverage inside your specific area, very possibly least, is Sprint. Based on this Sprint support page, the Android 5. over-the-air upgrade is starting today. You realize the drill: look at your Settings menu for any manual software refresh, so when that does not work, turn to your preferred user forum for any side-loaded update file.


This specific build for that Sprint type of the G2 is labeled “ZVG,” and in addition it includes an “Update to [the] Radio software.” So pricier lots of alternation in LG’s area of the build – your skin on the top of Android need to look comparable, though you will have all sorts of software features added underneath. That stated, another recent LG Lollipop updates have encounter some issues, so individuals who’re pleased with KitKat might want to postpone on updates until their fellow users have a look.

Of course, modifications towards the stock software or recovery could cause the update to fail. And when you are waiting with an update to Android 5.1… well, you may be waiting for some time.


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