Motorola Will Require Over Lenovo’s Slumping Smartphone Division Regardless Of Motorola’s 31% Sales Drop

Motorola Will Require Over Lenovo’s Slumping Smartphone Division Regardless Of Motorola’s 31% Sales Drop

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Nestled in Lenovo’s latest earnings report were disappointing figures for their very own make of smartphones and Motorola, that was acquired late this past year. China company’s fact is to complete some fairly large-scale restructuring, paying essentially every aspect of Lenovo smartphones to Motorola using the possible exception of promoting. Motorola continuously develop, make, and market their very own line that many Westerners understand.

Considering the income figures, it may be surprising that Motorola is negligence the bigger company that’s rewarded with increased responsibility. Lenovo’s own make of smartphones published a sales increase of two.3% over a last year because they shipped 16.two million units. Of interest to Lenovo is the fact that smartphone share of the market fell .5 percentage suggests 4.7%, though they still stored their place in fifth place worldwide.

Motorola, however, saw an enormous 31% stop by smartphone shipments to five.9 million units. Lenovo feels that economic issues in South america, a sizable market that Motorola typically does perfectly in, explains a number of individuals sales problems and really should obvious up later on. Other explanations include supply problems along with a fixed cost structure that could be a positive if sales get. Management claims they believe Motorola will go back to profitability inside a year and potentially when 6 several weeks from now.

Still, citing worries regarding their declining share of the market and sure doing it with plans that drove the purchase to begin with, the organization states Motorola will be employed to “design, develop and manufacture smartphone products” for Lenovo. Because it is described, it seems these to it’s still branded as Lenovo, and can become Motorola creations.

The large question moving forward is whether or not Lenovo smartphones is going to be recognizable Motorola designs however with another emblem or maybe the modification allows Lenovo to help keep its very own design language. While Android Police readers would most likely welcome more Moto within their Lenovo, it’s worth mentioning that Lenovo offered nearly three occasions as numerous smartphones this past year.

I’d speculate that Lenovo smartphones will start to look similar to Motorola phones. One of the “restructuring costs” outlined within the report is $300 million earmarked for cleaning smartphone inventory, which seems like something they’d prioritize if they would like to make wholesale changes towards the product selection.

Another product of the restructuring is layoffs for several,200 workers, 5% of Lenovo’s total workforce and 10% of the non-manufacturing workforce. All the layoffs are non-manufacturing workers. While Lenovo is not saying exactly who they really are eliminating, odds are their smartphone division is facing cuts.

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