Remix OS 2. Beta Available These Days For That Nexus 9, Nexus 10, And Remix Ultratablet


Remix OS 2. Beta Available These Days For That Nexus 9, Nexus 10, And Remix Ultratablet

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Jide Technology really wants to give as numerous users the choice to test its very own flavor of Android. This involved moving the 2. Beta to PC devices about last month with lots of features which were missing in the alpha whenever we tested it a few several weeks prior. But it’s not necessary to possess a PC to check Remix now because the OS continues to be released in beta for that Nexus 9 and Nexus 10. (Jide had formerly released Remix OS 1.5 to those tablets, which means this is not the very first time its software opens up on their behalf.)

The web pages and downloads can be found on Jide’s website. For that Nexus 9, you are able to mind towards the website landing page and carry the 528MB file then look into the flashing instructions and have fun playing the conversation thread. And if you possess the Nexus 10, you’ll just have a 306MB download out of this page and also the instructions in here thread. Bear in mind to assist all your data and make certain you realize the right path to regular Android in situation you do not like Remix OS. This really is still beta software so you will probably face some quirks and limitations while using the it. It may be a very good way to bring back your aging and forgotten Nexus 10 though and find out what Remix OS is about.

Jide can also be releasing a reliable form of Remix OS 2. because of its own Ultratablet (the one which was kickstarted this past year) being an OTA update. Rapid facts are on the Remix forum on XDA-Developers.


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