TraffickCam application fights human trafficking with crowdsourced photos of rooms in hotels


TraffickCam application fights human trafficking with crowdsourced photos of rooms in hotels

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Every year in america, it’s believed that approximately ten and twenty 1000 individuals are victims of human trafficking, mostly for some type of prostitution or abusive labor. A disproportionate quantity of these victims are women, children, and immigrants. Police force agencies and non-profit groups from coast to coast make an effort to steer clear of the trade of human lives, however the clandestine nature from the operators and also the cooperation of apparently legitimate companies makes actual tracking and prosecution difficult, and just a small fraction from the believed victims are let go.

TraffickCam is really a new application that tries to produce a effective tool for individuals fighting human trafficking. Since traffickers frequently utilize hotels and motels across the major highway and interstate commerce routes, often even posting photos of the victims online for prospective buyers and johns, having the ability to identify a particular hotel is a big asset. TraffickCam asks its users to consider photos of hotel and motel rooms where they stay, allowing the service to produce a searchable database. This can (hopefully) allow police force to recognize in which a photo of the trafficking victim was taken – the mixture of room layout, furnishings, window views, wall decoration, or perhaps bedspreads will make a big difference.

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TraffickCam is produced by the Exchange Initiative, a Missouri-based group focused on fighting the sexual exploitation of kids. The application is easy to use: take 1-4 photos of the accommodation, submit your accommodation name and room number, and upload the pictures. (With regard to privacy, it may be smart to hang about until your stay has ended to really submit stated photos). Exchange Initiative then uses the photos, that are given by having an implied Creative Commons license, to construct a database which investigators can search to find human trafficking sites and hopefully find patterns within the behavior and locations of traffickers.

The application is free of charge on Android and iOS, and there is a browser-based version too if you want to use TraffickCam with no application or with an unsupported platform.

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