The enterprise mobility security problem: What is going on wrong?


The enterprise mobility security problem: What is going on wrong?

There is a security condition in enterprise mobility.

Don’t believe us? Just ask other organisations attempting to address security. Based on a worldwide survey of 900 IT decision makers by Gemalto, 95% from it departments are struggling with security challenges within their make an effort to increase user mobility inside their organisation.

There are also the lists. It’s not necessary to appear far to determine that security concerns are surface of mind for this leaders attempting to increase enterprise mobility adoption. Security is among the greatest concerns for companies with regards to deploying a company mobility solution. Law in lots of places will quickly hold companies responsible for protection of mobile data. And so on.

Clearly, enterprises realize that security is essential. But simultaneously, they’re battling to locate a solution that addresses all their concerns.

MDM is really a clunky solution at the best – digital same as a ten,000lb anvil when certain requirements is really a precise bit of machinery

Where’s the disconnect? The problem at this time isn’t getting stakeholders to know how important security is. We’re already there. Rather, it’s the way in which most organisations are approaching security. MDM, that has grown in recognition in the last couple of years, due to the fact it’s existed for over other mobility solutions, provides security in the device level. It is also the number of organisations are attempting to tackle mobile security today.

That sounds good used, but actually, the lines aren’t so obvious. Can, or should, a company secure a tool it doesn’t own? Otherwise, aren’t any exterior devices allowed? Is securing the entire device truly the right means to fix making certain that data from a couple of apps stays where it ought to? Which kind of MDM solution is required to keep devices on multiple platforms secure?

In the current complex BYOD world, MDM appears to boost much more questions of computer solutions. It’s a clunky solution at the best-digital same as a ten,000 lb anvil when what’s needed is really a precise bit of machinery. Yes, it’s a technique for security, but it’s only one of several approaches a business may take to safeguard its data. And more and more, it appears like it’s the incorrect one.

So yes: there’s a burglar condition in enterprise mobility. But it isn’t impossible to resolve.

Using a proven method will give your organisation to considerably mitigate security threats. When MDM was the only real solution around, it made sense in an effort to secure data. Since more nuanced solutions like MAM exist, it’s no question that organisations trying to use MDM his or her only path towards secure enterprise mobility feel frustrated.


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