Google Play Store Updated To Five.6.6 With Layout Changes And Possible Research For Kids’ Accounts [APK Download And Small-Teardown]


Google Play Store Updated To Five.6.6 With Layout Changes And Possible Research For Kids’ Accounts [APK Download And Small-Teardown]

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There is a latest version from the Play Store moving out, which means you are most likely obsessively looking for the APK. Well, we have got that. More to the point we have taken a glance within the APK to find out if there’s anything of note. There are several minor layout alterations, but additionally some interesting clues inside.

Left: older layout, Right: newer layout – disregard the Nexus S

Googler Kirill Grouchnikov described this form of the Play Store finishes standardizing the alert dialog popups, as if you might see whenever you leave reviews. I’ve not observed any dramatic changes, but apparently the above mentioned image demonstrates the tweaks. So that’s awesome. Poking around within the APK, we found a couple of strings that could be of great interest.

You may remember we had hints inside a Play Services teardown of specific Play makes up about kids that may be more locked lower than the usual standard account. At that time we spotted stuff that pointed to deadlines and limitations on application usage. The above strings seem to show how download limits is going to be enforced. Searches might be filtered to simply show appropriate material, and authentication may be needed each time for in-application purchases in apps created for kids.

None of that’ll be uncovered at this time, however, you can download the brand new Play Store below the same.

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  1. Agree, Be Weather IS the best weather app there is. Period.

  2. so google should block their services for these ISP's. then we'll see how many custome1 they are going to have.

  3. Didn't they announce offline viewing for a set period at I/O? Or did I have a fever dream.

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