Deal: 3 several weeks Spotify Premium for 99p


Deal: 3 several weeks Spotify Premium for 99p


Spotify is constantly on the dominate the background music streaming market, using the greatest music library and client base.

And when you are yet to sample the delights from the streaming service, its time to register and give it a try.

The organization is providing three several weeks of their Premium service for 99p. This is a 99p predetermined fee, too – none of the pay monthly nonsense.

Obviously, when the three several weeks expires, you will be moved to the regular £9.99 monthly plan, but even then you need the choice to cancel whenever.

GET DEAL: 3 several weeks of Spotify Premium for 99p

The sale ends this summer, but we are sure the greater creative among you’ll find a way to increase the first three several weeks if you are not particularly associated with keeping one account.

Spotify provides a free service which will come with ads interjected between tracks. The Premium subscription however, offers the opportunity to download songs, listen ad-free, and obtain your tracks in hd.

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Are you currently enticed by Spotify’s latest offer? Exactly what do you consider the service overall? Tell us within the comments.

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