[No] Growing Conspiracy On Facebook Claims NFC Stickers On Smartphone Batteries Are Government Surveillance Devices


[No] Growing Conspiracy On Facebook Claims NFC Stickers On Smartphone Batteries Are Government Surveillance Devices

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Sometimes, people are prepared to believe some incredible reasons for technology simply because they come with an understandably a low interest rate in intricacies of stated technology. It takes place. Sometimes, though, this type of person prepared to believe some really dumb shit. (No, Uncle John, they haven’t yet finally discovered a method to produce a perpetual motion device the oil companies do not want you to understand about, and that i don’t want to purchase it.)

Today’s classic situation of “I just read it on the web, therefore: it is a factInch originates from Facebook, just like most of the internet’s best conspiracies nowadays. Essentially, there is a video of some guy claiming the Samsung NFC sticker wrapped round his Universe S4’s battery is really a government or corporate surveillance device placed there to steal all of your photos and monitor all of your telephone calls. It’s totally, absolutely false as well as surprisingly bigoted (!), so please be aware that this video is most likely best tagged NSFW for language / anti-Semitism. Knowing that, here’s the (auto-play warning) connect to it.

If you won’t want to watch (can’t blame you), rapid version is this fact guy pulls the NFC sticker off his Universe S4’s battery, mumbles about this stealing all of your pics and vids, states something offensive, then continues being dangerously misinformed concerning the short-range antenna he’s now most likely damaged for around 30 more seconds (this is actually the whole of his evidence). At the moment, the publish we have seen has over 250,000 shares on Facebook and it has likely spread its viral wings in to the feeds of numerous millions of users right now. If you see someone publish it, maybe do everybody a big favor and comfortably inform them it is a hoax.

When they will not get you at the word or even the so-apparent-it-hurts stupidity of putting in an effortlessly removable (LITERALLY A STICKER) “spying” device, it’s most likely time for you to step from the feed and help remind yourself that you are most likely quarrelling with somebody that believes that the federal government is spraying us with classified pharmaceuticals using jetliners.

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