OnePlus’ OxygenOS Will not Most Probably Source, Cyanogen Themself Pokes Fun


OnePlus’ OxygenOS Will not Most Probably Source, Cyanogen Themself Pokes Fun

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You may have heard OnePlus has created a dev team to construct its OxygenOS ROM. They can did an AMA around the /r/Android subreddit today. One of the items of info revealed through the team is always that OxygenOS will not most probably source. Rather it will likely be a “real OS.” Steve “Cyanogen” Kondik could not resist poking fun at this.

Cyanogen OS as created by Cyanogen Corporation. isn’t completely free either, however it seems like OnePlus is taking a more closed approach similar to HTC Sense or TouchWiz. You will find, obviously, some free needs for anything according to Android, but it is not unusual to have an OEM to help keep all of the development featuring closed. It’s really the default.

View it by doing this-Samsung does not possess a git for TouchWiz where one can connect to the code, however it releases kernel source for every build. Apparently OnePlus is going to be doing such like. Kondik highlights the city development is really a boon to CM, and that he certainly includes a point. Also, he states CM has “no plans of taking our toys on and on home.” Burn. It will likely be interesting to determine how good the little OnePlus ROM team can operate without the aid of a legion of hobbyist devs.

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  1. You sound like you know how to implement "sliding my finger across a screen" keyboards so you should just implement your very own.

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