Google Maps for iOS gains an evening mode


Google Maps for iOS gains an evening mode

Google Maps

Google has issued an update for Google Maps on iOS that can help individuals navigating during the night.

Since the disastrous launch of Apple Maps this year, and also the subsequent launch of the stand-alone iOS Google Maps application, countless iPhone users have trusted Google’s peerless solution for his or her navigation needs.

Consequently, it’s possibly more significant when Google Maps for iOS receives an update than other apps.

The most recent Google Maps iOS update, then, brings some handy additions. Chief among individuals is really a Night mode, which swaps the glare from the usual white-colored accents for more dark hues. The concept would be to avoid dazzling motorists navigating during the night.

Other additions include the opportunity to label places to determine them in your map as well as in search suggestions, along with the capability to edit your published photo captions. Include the typical bug fixes, and you’ve got your fairly chunky Google Maps update.

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Google Maps can be obtained to download now in the Application Store. You will find, will still be much better than the Apple Maps application that came preinstalled in your iPhone.

That’s not saying that Apple is not striving to trap up. In June, we reported that Apple was emulating Google’s still-impressive Street View by delivering a number of image-recording cars all over the world (such as the United kingdom and Ireland) for future Apple Maps updates.

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