Google Maps search engine results will quickly be full of ads


Google Maps search engine results will quickly be full of ads

Google Maps

Google has announced new possibilities for advertisers within Google Maps, meaning mobile users will start seeing promoted search engine results.

The firm stated it’s tinkering with methods for companies to “prominently showcase their business locations”.

These will arrive by means of Promoted Pins along their driving route, with cards in a position to show special deals and product inventory or menus.

The Promoted Pins may also come in the “near me” listings when users look for nearby attractions, stores or refreshments.

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Google states it’s reacting to demand from advertisers to achieve customers on cellular devices.

Obviously, ads happen to be an enormous area of the Search experience since its beginning, and even today supply the company’s top revenue source.

However, the firm has in the past trodden more carefully with regards to messing using the integrity of Maps searches, that have always felt quite organic and democratic.

“Maps users may begin to see promoted pins for nearby coffee houses, gasoline stations or lunch spots along their driving route,” Sridhar Ramaswamy, senior v . p ., Ads & Commerce authored inside AdWords blog.

“Local business pages will also be obtaining a brand-change — to inspire customers to explore your store before they can arrive, we’re adding additional features like special deals and the opportunity to browse product inventory.”

The organization already offers ads within its Waze companion application, but including them inside the primary Google Maps application might not go lower too well using the users list.

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