OnePlus Introduces On-Guard Insurance Policy For OnePlus 2 Buyers In Europe, Snubs Existing Proprietors Along The Way


OnePlus Introduces On-Guard Insurance Policy For OnePlus 2 Buyers In Europe, Snubs Existing Proprietors Along The Way

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OnePlus has announced a brand new insurance policy for that OnePlus 2 and, soon, OnePlus X in Europe.

Within the Eu, customers are now able to decide to buy On-Guard defense against simplesurance. The security covers accidental physical and liquid damage, supplies a “worry-free” claim process, while offering worldwide coverage for claims. 12 several weeks applies to €39.99, while 24 costs €64.99.

This announcement follows an identical one out of India, where OnePlus has partnered with B2X to supply the B2X Service and B2X safeguard plans. Additionally, it comes per month after Google announced Nexus Safeguard, an improved warranty that provides next working day replacements of accidentally broken devices. Google’s coverage costs around $80 at checkout, also it requires an $80 approximately deductible with every substitute.

The OnePlus plan’s readily available for new purchases beginning today. It’s not available to any OnePlus 2 phones already purchased, neither is it offered for that OnePlus One whatsoever. You can express any disappointment within the comment portion of the announcement publish.

Browse the provided FAQ for more information.

On-Guard by simplesurance FAQ:

1. What does the plan cover?

The plan will cover breakage (such as a broken screen), accidental damage, damage due to dropping the device, liquid damage, vandalism, and more. You can find a full list at checkout.

2. How do I purchase?

You can place an order for On-Guard by simplesurance on upon checkout for your OnePlus smartphone. Then you will be directed to complete payment for the insurance policy to simplesurance.

3. Can I still purchase On-Guard by simplesurance even after I check out?

If you buy a OnePlus smartphone without the On-Guard service, within 15 days of the purchase, you can contact simplesurance customer support to purchase the insurance policy.

4. Who is eligible for On-Guard by simplesurance?

All new OnePlus smartphone purchased via EU stores on are eligible for this offer. Unfortunately, the policy is not available for OnePlus One, or OnePlus 2 purchased prior to this.

5. How to report a claim if something happens to my OnePlus smartphone?

If you would like to file a claim, simply follow the instructions on the 24-hour online claims service. You can find your country/ region claim page link on your Insurance Certificate. eg. For the UK, []

OnePlus has not yet announced an insurance plan for customers in North America, but it’s working with a partner to bring an option soon enough.


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