Dan Rosenberg: ‘I Check This Out Because The Finish Of The Era For Motorola Rooting And Modding’


Dan Rosenberg: ‘I Check This Out Because The Finish Of The Era For Motorola Rooting And Modding’

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With regards to root and mod action on Motorola devices in the past few years, all eyes use brilliant Android hacker Dan Rosenberg. Because the Android 3 was launched 2 yrs ago, Rosenberg has effectively found root exploits for each Motorola device, such as the D3, Bionic, RAZR, Android 4, Xoom 2, Atrix HD, RAZR HD, and RAZR M. Additionally the very fact he just released something that unlocks the bootloaders around the most contemporary Moto phones (RAZR HD, M, and Atrix HD), and you can understand why he’s such a fundamental part of the Motorola modding community. Heck, without him, there most likely wouldn’t be also a Moto modding community.

However with his newest exploit also came the tough reality of the present condition of Motorola phones – truth is, it is simply getting too difficult to get helpful vulnerabilities. This will make sense – Android gets safer by itself, and firms have found new methods to ensure devices stay secured tight. Based on Rosenberg, the times of exploiting Motorola handsets may have started to an finish.

I see this as the end of an era for Motorola rooting and modding. At this point, it is significantly more difficult to find vulnerabilities that may be used to root Motorola devices than when I started two years ago, due to fixes for the all the bugs used in previous exploits. It has gotten to the point where there may not be a “next time” for publishing a Motorola root exploit. Of course vulnerabilities still exist, but as the pool of bugs shrinks, the number of people capable of finding them grows smaller and the time investment required increases. As a result, I have no plans to continue publishing Motorola root exploits after this release.

Rosenberg procedes to state that he hopes Motorola’s acquisition by Google will “progressively result in alterations in policy allowing more open devices.” Whether which will happen or otherwise has not yet been seen, however i think all of us hope for the similar. For now, Rosenberg provides an incredible suggestion for anybody who desires the opportunity to root and/or mod their device:

If an unlocked device is important to you, buy an unlocked device instead of expecting someone to accomplish a difficult hack.

I believe that covers the condition from the Android community in general pretty much: do not buy locked devices should you ultimately want/need/expect an unlock to display in the future. We are getting enough where you can’t rely on the truth that “someone is going to do it eventually,” and you’re ready to start purchasing accordingly. Sure, this is not probably the most economical option – having to pay full retail for any bootloader-unlockable system is hard for most to warrant. Regrettably, you’re ready to begin to make the challenging choices.

Obviously, you can always just purchase a Nexus.


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