“Still waiting to embrace enterprise mobility? You’re from excuses”


“Still waiting to embrace enterprise mobility? You’re from excuses”

This summer time continues to be favorable to numerous conversation concerning the approaching “tipping point” of enterprise mobility. As we’ve noted in the past posts, the Gartner conjecture about application store implementation (conservative once we believe it is) has lots of people giving serious considered to their mobile strategy.

Just like contemplation associated with a new effort, serious thought also raises serious questions – and questions can certainly become excuses why individuals are dragging their heels on enterprise mobility despite the fact that development, implementation, and management haven’t been simpler.

Here are a couple of from the consistent concerns we’ve been hearing recently, and – more to the point – explanations why they’re nothing to bother with.

1. Connect power

There are plenty of concerns about compatibility and cooperation with application dev platforms (e.g. Appcelerator, PhoneGap, etc.) The factor is, there’s an elegant plug that suits track of each, making App47 MAM integration seamless. Which means your mobile application management is really as discomfort-free as the application dev.

2. Application store standup

We’ve covered mtss is a 1000 occasions. So simple, even an MDM provider could get it done! Check it out here free for thirty days!

3. Embracing MDM

Talking about MDM, we again urge caution whenever a provider presents MAM being an MDM add-on. It’s definitely not, and it is frequently a far greater option. We’ve nothing against MDM, and are the initial to propose combined solutions. Just make use of a provider who’ll take time to discover what works well with your business.

4. Anxiety about BYOD

BYOD is last year’s worry. The truly amazing factor about total enterprise mobile application lifecycle control is you understand what apps have been in your store, that they’re updated, and which users have utilized them – no matter device. Donrrrt worry!

5. Insufficient apps

We’ve your back. Sure you’re likely to wish to incorperate your own company apps, but you may also pre-populate the shop having a nice suite of favorite business apps that we’ve already identified.

6. Pleased with a patchwork approach

During the period of your organization’s growth, you’ve cobbled together different methods to communicate, collaborate and manage with regard to your organization performance. Be truthful – it’s starting to be a genuine hassle to handle and keep, right? There’s an application for each business need, and you may easily ensure access and employ by your application store. Plus, you receive hassle-free distribution and management. We promise, you will not even break a sweat.

What else is holding you back from embracing enterprise mobility? You can ask below. We’ll answer and you will see that there isn’t any better time for you to get began than at this time.

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